Inflicting Suri Cruise on Dolce & Gabbana Purse Is Torture -- For the Bag

Suri Cruise handbagHold on to your handbags, ladies. We've got a Suri Cruise story that will leave you petting that leather (patent or not) and whispering comforting thoughts to every girl's best friend. Because we've questioned the pacifier. And the high heels. The Starbucks and the possibility that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have never said the word "no" to Suri. But this just tops it.

Because little Suri was spotted out and about with a $1,700 Dolce & Gabbana purse (actually up to $2,000 now). I can see the allure. It is an absolutely gaw-jus handbag. And that's what I don't get.

The pacifier. Eh, it happens. The high heels -- she needed her feet covered. The Starbucks, who knows. Not saying no? They aren't the first set of parents. I can forget it all. Right now. But this purse ... how shall I put this? It's cruel to that beautiful piece of leather to inflict on it the practices of a 5-year-old.


Yes I said it. It isn't about the disgusting amount of money spent by the Cruises on their daughter's accessories. It's about what goes inside of them. See, I speak from experience here. My daughter is just a tad bit older than Suri. Five-year-old girls lug stuff around just for the sake of lugging stuff around.

Literally. Saturday I told my daughter we were going to a bookstore, and she started filling a bag with books for the 10-minute car ride. Why did we need books when we were ... going ... TO ... a ... bookstore? Never mind, I can't contemplate. Sometimes thinking 5-year-old makes my head hurt.

And it's not the books that matter anyway. It's that the bags go everywhere with them, in any kind of weather, to be dragged along in the snow and banged against doors. And it's everything else that goes in there. The half-empty juice box that will inevitably be squeezed just a tad too hard, and the stick of lip balm with the missing cap. The rocks, pulled straight from the dirt and not even wiped off before being plunked inside beside the dolly who will later "snack on them." Purses are to fill with treasures when you're 5. And when you're 5, your treasures are of questionable origins.

I don't blame Suri. I blame all little girls of a certain age. It's how they treat things, even when they're trying as hard as possible to "take care" of them. And that sweet little lambskin and leather bag didn't do anything to deserve that kind of "care."

What kind of torture has your kid inflicted on their bag?


Image via Dolce & Gabbana

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