Suri Cruise Has a Pacifier at 5 & My Daughter Might Too

Suri CruiseIt's being called "Binkygate" by some as, horror of horrors, Suri Cruise has been spotted recently walking around with a pacifier in her mouth. Yes, she is going to be 5 next month, but really, who cares? Everyone it seems; people are simply aghast.

Some say she's spoiled and coddled; others worry she has mental problems; and yet others shriek warnings of the orthodontia bills to come, forgetting I guess that Tom Cruise can probably afford them with no problem. Some even blame Scientology. As an insider told PopEater:

Suri just isn't told 'no' very often. Scientology encourages you to make your own decisions and learn lessons as you live your life. She'll know herself when it's time to throw the pacifier away, plain and simple.

I'm no Scientologist, but I've gotta say: I agree.


My son was 4 before he gave his pacifier up, and he's a healthy, happy 7-year-old today with no signs of being worse for the wear for it. It comforted him through a cross-country move, a new house, new preschool, and all the other things his toddlerhood brought. I almost wish he still has that constant source of comfort as new fears and uncertainties come into his mind with age.

My daughter is 2, and going strong on her pacifier. We probably have 40 of them -- in the car, in her crib, in various rooms. She doesn't have one in her mouth all the time, but when she needs it or feels anxious, she gets one. It helps her sleep, which helps everyone in our home sleep. I adore pacifiers come to think of it.

People say children need to find other ways to cope, but why if this works? It certainly doesn't get in the way of her talking, that's for sure, as she never stops; and as for the dental issues -- there may or may not be evidence that it's going to cost us more down the line. I've read both sides (admittedly most say it will), but most kids these days need braces anyway, so I'm banking on that no matter what.

She'll give it up when she's ready, but if she chooses to go to college with one, well then that's fine too -- unlikely, but fine. I have no intention of trying to break this habit anytime soon, and I don't care if Tom and Katie break Suri of her habit either. Why would I?

But I know -- oh I know -- how many people feel differently. I find it fascinating just how opinionated people are about what other parents choose to let their own children do when it comes to things -- like pacifiers -- that aren't hurting anyone else. So step down pacifier police, they're our kids and our dental bills to pay. If you don't like it, don't look.

What do you think of Suri Cruise, or any 5-year-old, still having a pacifier?

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