Demi Lovato Rehab Confessional Fails Her Fans (VIDEO)

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato may be out of rehab, but she's got a lot of work to do. Remember when the Sonny With a Chance star suddenly disappeared on our kids? She was officially whisked off to deal with "physical and emotional issues," which the media interpreted as "cutting and eating disorder issues."

She left parents scrambling to explain to their kids that "rehab" does not mean that their favorite Disney star is a boozing, drug-abusing loser. But in a video released to her fans today thanking them for getting her through "the darkest time of my life," Demi missed the chance to really help her fans. She kept it too vague:


The journey she's been on? Issues that girls of all ages are dealing with? ONE DAY she'll raise awareness of it? What is she saying, exactly?

Why not just get to the point Demi? You were in rehab, you were in pain, but you got through it. By just saying the words "I was a cutter" or "I had an eating disorder" or "I had depression" -- whatever it is that she dealt with -- Demi could help all those fans that got her through her "darkest days." Because the number one thing cutters, bulimics, anorexics, depressives, etc. want to hear is that they're not alone.

We're not alone. I was bulimic for years, beginning at 14. Since turning to online writing, I've talked about it. A lot. And it's the one subject that draws the most personal e-mails and letters, from people who simply want to hear someone else out there has made it to the other side. I talk about it because it's therapeutic for me, but it's those e-mails that get me through the pain of the hateful comments that crop up when you work online ... kind of like the hateful comments that a Hollywood star deals with when she suddenly goes to rehab.

Demi, you made it. You did it. We're proud of you. You should be proud of you. And if you're as grateful as you say you are, all it takes is one "yup, that's me" from you to give back. You're just a kid, and I get that, but there are millions of other kids out there who you say helped you get to the light. Let them see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

What do you think of her "announcement"?


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