We All Owe Denise Richards an Apology

In the past couple weeks, we have seen more from Charlie Sheen than perhaps we ever need to again. The man is having a complete meltdown on our television sets and, unfortunately, his children are smack dab in the middle of it. Sheen has five children, though only two of them have been visible during this debacle (the twin sons he shares with Brooke Mueller). Luckily for his daughters, they are in better hands.

Denise Richards, mother to Sheen's two youngest daughters Sam and Lola, who are turning 6 and 7 this year, has been keeping her children outside of the glare of all of this as much as possible, but she did say late last week that Charlie is not safe for the kids.

When their divorce went public, Richards was dragged through the mud. Most people sided with Sheen and her name became a bit of a joke. Now the joke is on all of us, it seems. 


As messed up as she may have been, dating her friend's ex-husband (Richie Sambora) and appearing to publicize all of her dirty laundry, her head is clearly on straight when it comes to their girls, and for that, the girls are extremely lucky.

The toddler sons who are caught in the middle of their parents' custody battle haven't been so lucky. As their father goes off the deep end, they have been cared for by the "goddesses" -- his two obviously unstable girlfriends who may or may not have been using drugs, according to rumors.

The boys were removed, but Denise has kept her girls away from the mess altogether. It's hard to imagine being in her position, knowing that you're really the only parent.

Part of being a good mom is keeping your kids safe even when it means keeping them away from their biological dad. They are lucky they have her.

As "funny" as Sheen's meltdown is and as much of a "rock star" as some are finding him to be, his history of violence against women is pretty telling. The New York Times has an op-ed this past week detailing it. Consider this:

In 1990, he accidentally shot actress Kelly Preston (his fiancée at the time). In 1994 he was sued by a woman who said he hit her after she turned down sex. Later, Brittany Ashland, a porn star, said Sheen threw her onto the floor during a fight. Richards herself said that Sheen shoved and threatened to kill her. Finally, Mueller called 911 in 2009 after Sheen held a knife to her throat.

A man that violent against women who has clearly gone off his meds has no place around little girls or any children whatsoever. Thank goodness they have their mother and, Denise, on behalf of people everywhere who made fun of you, I apologize. Now I know what you went through.

Does this shed new light for you, too?


Image via VivaVivanista/Flickr

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