Charlie Sheen Loses His Kids, Can You Guess Why?

Charlie Sheen Just when Charlie Sheen was "winning" everything, he's now lost what should be two of the most important things in his life -- his toddler sons, Bob and Max, who turn 2 this month. Last night police removed his children from the home he shares with his "goddesses." It's perhaps the only good bit of news we've seen as we sit by and watch his increasingly erratic behavior that until now his sons have been witnessing first-hand. 

They were allegedly removed after Sheen made a death threat to ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. She told TMZ that Charlie said to her, "I will cut your head off, put it in a box, and send it to your mom." Sounds like just cause for removing small children from his care to me. Though there was plenty of just cause prior to this too, so it's amazing it took authorities this long to intervene.


The boys are currently with Mueller, her mother, and nanny, but Sheen says he doesn't know where they are. He's on a mission to get them back and took to his new Twitter account to rally support for his cause. He tweeted last night: "My sons' are fine... My path is now clear... Defeat is not an option..!"

Perhaps not an option, but more of a certainty as he continues to spiral out of control.

On the Today show this morning, he addressed Mueller with comments: "I'm sorry you felt this had to be done in this way, but this does not display any responsible parenting."

And he does?

As bizarre and fascinating as Sheen's behavior is, it's those two little boys and the rest of Sheen's children who make my heart ache as the world stands by and gawks at the mess that is their family. We can only hope that they're not bounced around and put in the middle of a battle between Mueller and Sheen, but unfortunately, I don't see it playing out much differently. 

This statement he made this morning about getting his boys back is perhaps the most ominous of all: “If anybody thought my focus was directed in a radical capacity [before], that’s going to seem like child’s play.”

Removing the boys from "Sober Valley Lodge" is a good first step, but I fear they're never going to be able to remove the effects from what they've witnessed to date ... and what is to come.

Are you glad to see Charlie Sheen's children removed from his home?

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