Christina Aguilera Arrested: Is Pink Next?

Christina Aguilera appears to be having a complete and total meltdown just like her fellow Mickey Mouse Club alum friend Britney Spears a few years back. Today, the singer and actress was booked for public intoxication alongside her boyfriend Matthew Rutler who was driving. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI and she was arrested as well because she was too drunk to take care of herself.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, too. First, the star passed out in actor Jeremy Renner's bed at a party, had a massive blowout with her mother (formerly her best friend) on New Year's Eve, and then there were reports that she had sex in a bathroom at a family gathering.

This is discounting "The Star Spangled Banner" botch job at the Super Bowl and almost falling at the Grammy Awards. The year hasn't been kind to Aguilera. Or, more aptly, she isn't being kind to herself. Or her son -- little Max Liron Bratman, who is only 3 years old.


What is it about young marriage, motherhood, and booming careers that makes these young stars implode like this? At 29, Aguilera can hardly claim that youth is making her crazy, but perhaps all the pressure is to blame.

The trifecta of pressure created by a career, marriage, and motherhood are difficult for all of us, but once the marriage disintegrates, it usually seems like these stars do, too. Is she just acting out because she got married too young (at 25)?

Of course, the other option is that Aguilera has been working like a dog since she was a kid. Maybe she is just tired. Motherhood isn't the miracle we all hope it will be when we're young and starry-eyed. It's fulfilling and beautiful, to be sure, but it isn't exactly a happy ending unto itself. It's just a beginning, in fact. A beginning of something beautiful, but something incredibly difficult and challenging. You always have to be on your game as a mom. There is no room for deviation.

Pink, who is currently preggo, tempted fate today when she tweeted out to fans about the incident: 

Out of Myself, Britney, + Christina- didn't everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!

Oh Pink ... watch yourself. You may be pregnant, but you aren't a mommy yet. You have no idea how much pressure and work will be involved. There may be cuffs for you yet ...

In the meantime, I hope Aguilera gets the help she so clearly needs. There is a little boy who needs his mommy to be sober and together.

What do you think is doing her in?

Image via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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