'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn & Jo: Worst Parenting Models Yet?

Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom Call me not surprised. Kailyn Lowry and Jonathan Rivera are both facing legal troubles this month. If the names aren't familiar, Jonathan usually goes by Jo, and together they're the parents of baby Isaac on Teen Mom 2. You're not surprised now either, are you?

Watching Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2, I've sat and wondered if they make these kids take a common sense test, then weed out everyone who passed. Some of the teens turn out just fine, but there's always that niggling feeling in the back of my head that if this is the future of America, I should be afraid. Very afraid.


Because coming from every one of these whiny, self-absorbed morons (sorry, but some of these kids ... whooooeeeee) is a baby they just created! We, America, are letting these people care for another human being! So far, the babies have been lucky. When one parent is a screw-up, there's been someone stepping in and doing it right -- even if it's actually a grandma (Jenelle's mom). But man, when both parents are walking trainwrecks, you have to wonder if that kid has any hope at all.

In the case of baby Isaac, dad Jo was arrested this month, along with his brother (Isaac's uncle Edward), on "suspicion of being under the influence of marijuana." Edward had the same problem, plus he was charged with driving under the influence. Two upstanding role models of manhood there.

Then to top it off, mama Kailyn, who avid show watchers know is dead set on moving out of Jo's parents' house and getting her own apartment -- even though she only makes $500 a month and has to borrow money from Jo to pay for college -- met up with police just two days later because she rear-ended another car. No one was hurt, but the damage totalled her car. Insurance or not, that's going to cost her big time.

In the scheme of things, smoking pot and reckless driving are not the worst crimes in the world. One or the other, and, eh, that's life. But put them together. Then add infractions like Jo being so pig-headed he makes himself, Kailyn, and their baby homeless or Kailyn being so immature that she actually keeps a secret boyfriend ... then fesses up about him by changing her Facebook status to "in a relationship" rather than tell Jo.

Are Kailyn and Jo moving into the "worst parents yet" role in the Teen Mom series? Do you see them getting it straightened out?


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