People Who Attack Suri Cruise Are Hypocrites

Everyone needs to leave Suri Cruise alone. Last year, she was getting attacked for wearing high heels and fashion, this year it's for drinking coffee and reading Vanity Fair.

If these were all facts, then yes I might agree. The problem is, we are all looking for something that is not there. What if Suri Cruise just drinks apple juice or hot chocolate out of Starbucks cups? And whose child has not opened a magazine they can barely read just to look at the photos? Maybe we need to all lay off a bit.

Seriously, what is this about? Is it jealousy? What?


The obsession with the habits of celebrity children is a bit bizarre to say the least. And people seem to always want to assume the worst. Suri Cruise's birthday party is over the top, Lourdes is too spoiled, and blah, blah.

Maybe it is just because I would give anything to have Suri's wardrobe for my 4-year-old daughter, but really I don't think she acts any older than any other 4-year-old with super wealthy parents. She just happens to have a more stylish and lovely wardrobe.

How many of us buy princess dresses for our daughters and the plastic heels that go with them? If your hand is raised, then you can't criticize Suri's parents for letting her wear heels. If you have ever served your child a drink in a cup from anywhere other than home, then you really can't criticize Suri's parents. And if your child has ever picked up a grown-up magazine or you have bought a dress you really liked because you knew she would like it, too, then you can't criticize.

She is not too grown up, she is just a kid who gets her photo taken a lot and has a rockin' wardrobe. Let's move on!

Do you think Suri is "too grown up"?


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