Christina Applegate Endures All-Natural, 18-Hour Birth

christina applegateWell, it's called labor for a reason, and Christina Applegate can testify to that. The Married With Children star recently shared her birth story -- details on all 18 hours she was in labor. Wow, that's almost a full day of pushing and breathing and, you betcha, pain. Of course, at the end of it, she welcomed her beautiful daughter Sadie Grace (love that name!), but her story is a lesson on how birth plans can be tossed out the window -- and often are.

Out plugging her movie Hall Pass, Christina revealed to Ellen DeGeneres she had planned for an epidural and got one -- and didn't like it. She opted to finish her delivery all-natural, drug-free, full-throttle.

This cancer survivor could handle the pain and quickly learned one of the first tenants of parenting: plans are made to be broken.


The proud new mama also shared how overwhelmed she was by the arrival of her daughter, how she ripped off her gown and brought her new baby to her chest for their first snuggle as mommy and baby.

That may not seem odd to you and me, but remember, Christina had a double mastectomy back in 2008 and is a carrier of the BRCA1 mutation. As she said to Ellen, she doesn't "have a good relationship" with her breasts. But her daughter changed all of that. Christina told People that Sadie Grace "healed me in so many ways." And she's only three weeks old.

New mom Christina learned a baby really does change everything. God, how many times do people tell you that when you're pregnant? But, until you're there, in that moment, you don't realize the magnificence of that statement. Christina says she "felt my heart literally open up for the first time and wrap itself around her" ... that's a pretty good description for something that's rather indescribable.

I lovedlovedLOVED reading about Christina's birth story. Reminds me how having a baby makes you do things you never thought you could -- whether enduring 18 hours of "profound pain" or ripping off a gown and exposing a very private area in a room full of strangers or beginning a complex healing process for yourself.

Yup, having a baby is pretty amazing -- as is Christina Applegate's story.

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