Rebecca Romijn Wants Her Kids to Shut Up -- I Like That

rebecca romijnI knew I always liked Rebecca Romijn. I think she's funny, and she's gorgeous even while painted blue and sprouting springy-spikey hair things in the X-Men movies. Now she's going on record that parenting, well, it ain't so easy sometimes. Her twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, have just hit the "terrible twos." She's dealing with double the sleep-deprivation, the tantrums, the sickness and colds. “If I can just get them to stay in their beds and shut up at night, I’d be happy,” she told PEOPLE.

She wants her kids to shut up.

I knew I liked her, but now I think I love her.


It was refreshing to read Rebecca talk that frankly, that honestly. In the era of so many celeb moms talking about the eternal joys of their babies, the constant happiness their kids bring them, leaving out the tough part of parenting, Rebecca's statements were like a nice cool drink of reality. The way most of the celeb moms speak about parenting, it's as if their kids poop golden nuggets that smell like rainbows (rainbows smell superduper, of course).

We all read the interviews. It's another thing that we end up comparing to ourselves, like losing the post-pregnancy weight, how fast, how well. Are they better parents than us because they don't seem to say they are tired, they don't seem to, well, ever struggle?

A good friend of mine has three boys -- an older toddler and twin 2-year-olds -- and she often confesses her mommy frustrations. So does every other mom at my preschool. It's healthy. We're all thinking it. We all have those, "ACKKKKKK! This kinda sucks right now!" feelings at times.

Rebecca may be one of the few celebs to really come out and say that she feels that way too. That being a mom is tough, that she and hubby Jerry O'Connell are a bit beaten down after sleepless nights. That her kids are just like mine -- sometimes amazingly wonderful and sometimes really really a pain to deal with. Thank you, Rebecca, for telling the truth.

What do you think about Rebecca's comments?


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