Pregnant Mariah Carey Falls Asleep on TV!

pregnant mariah carey Poor Mariah Carey. The pop diva, actress, and fashion designer was caught taking a bit of a snooze on TV. How'd that happen? Well, the mama-to-be has to pay for those diapers somehow, so she's working right up 'til she pops. Even though she can't travel, she brought the HSN cameras to her home in Los Angeles to sell her collection of shoes, jewelry, and fragrances.

Mariah had been chatting with callers and banetering with the hosts and she got tired. Like every other pregnant mom in the world.

So she put her feet up and took a break.


Yup, while the cameras were rolling, she took a breather, didn't quite grab some zzzzs, but was definitely close to it.

In the video, she gets upset that the cameras were rolling with her in that position. Why she didn't want that to be shown is beyond me. She was on the air for hours, sitting on what looked to be the most uncomfortable couch she could have picked. And she's pregnant. With twins! If at any point in her life she deserves to put her feet up, this is it. I say good for her, relax, take a break, and snore if she wants to!

Napping is the one of the main things I miss about being pregnant. The "I can nap basically anytime I want" card that comes with carrying a baby for 40 weeks. The guilt-free napping that is allowed when you are preggers should be cherished, taken advantage of, used regularly, and repeated often.

Seeing Mariah like this, like every other pregnant mom, makes me almost forget Glitter. Almost.

What do you miss most from your pregnancy?


Image via YouTube

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