'The Bachelor' Women Should Be Schooled by Little Ricki

the bachelorIt's nearing the end of this season of The Bachelor. Yup, with only four ladies left, it was the infamous Hometown Date episode on The Bachelor -- Brad Womack visited the hometowns of Chantal, Ashley, Shawntel, and Emily.

He met families and saw workplaces. (Note to women everywhere: if you work with dead people, do not have potential beaus lie down on the embalming table. Just plain creepy.) He dined with moms and dads, sisters and brothers. Met cats and dogs.

And Brad met Emily's daughter Ricki. This 5-year-old precious kiddo is gorgeous, blonde -- and the smartest lady on the show.  


Why do I say this? Because little Ricki didn't buy into the hype. Didn't fall for the hooplah with cameras and Brad's quick smile and charm. She was real. She was cautious. Heck, she barely cracked a smile at his obvious bribe with that butterfly kite. Sure, after a while, she was friendly and opened up, especially when she got back on her home turf. But she was wary. She was acting normal. Like I said, the smartest gal around is Ricki.

Yes, ladies everywhere who may ever be on The Bachelor -- this is the way it should be. No falling for Brad during the first cocktail party, no professing love on the first group date. That's just plain bonkers. Learn something from this sage 5-year-old little girl.

I have to hand it to mama Emily -- being a single mom and tackling the whole dating scene is tough. Add the element of a TV show, with cameras and microphones, it takes it to a whole other level. The way she she explained Brad to Ricki -- as a friend who wanted to meet her -- was just the way she should have in this kookadoo situation.

And when Brad was totally being a doofwad (granted a chivalrous doofwad) and didn't want to make out on the couch with her daughter right upstairs, Emily called him out on it. Yeah, Brad, if you pick her, you have to get used to doing the schnookie-schnookie with the kiddo in the house.

Should Emily have introduced Ricki to Brad?


Image via ABC

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