Natalie Portman Expecting Baby Boy: Guess His Name!

natalie portman oscarRight now, mama-to-be Natalie Portman has a lot on her plate with the Oscars right around the corner. She's going to lunches, she's tuning up her acceptance speech (you know she's gonna take home that gold statue), and, last but not least, she's trying to figure out what to wear next Sunday.

And she just found out she's having a baby boy! That means the baby naming process can kick into high gear. Will Natalie follow any of the hot trends -- maybe a one-syllable name or an "R" name or one that starts with "Ha"?

One of the baby naming trends that never goes out of style is naming your kid after your favorite movie character. But, what's an actress to do? With so many of her own movies to choose from and such a busy schedule, we thought we'd help her narrow her choices a bit.


First up from her first movie, how about Léon, Jean Reno's character in The Professional? Okay, so the character was a hit-man and killed people for a living, but he had a heart of gold. Doesn't she want that for her boy? Plus, Léon is French, just like daddy-to-be Benjamin Millepied.

Tons of names to choose from in Beautiful Girls, but I'd say if she picks any of them, pick Mo. Mo was Noah Emmerich's character. He was the homebody, the good guy of the bunch. Mo also is just a solid name. Mo Portman. A guy's guy. A guy you can count on. I likey.

Then there's Henry. The name of the dude Jason Bateman played in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. A fantastically magical movie, Henry comes to "believe" at the end of it -- and who doesn't want their kid to always have that spark of magic inside of them? Henry would keep that celebrity trend of choosing a baby name that's normal, but not too common, going strong. Oh, yeah, I'm a Henry fan.

Who can forget Garden State? Again, many names to choose from, but sticking to the normal, but not common trend, I'd pick Jesse. Played by the fabu Armando Riesco, Jesse was the friend who had that mansion (which he bought when he makes gazillions after investing in a silent alternative to Velcro). Smart guy, that Jesse. Jesse Portman. Has a nice ring to it.

But, really, we can't not discuss her role in one of the most successful movie franchises of all time -- the Star Wars movies. There are some interesting options here, folks. Should she give her boy a Jedi name? Mace isn't bad. Or Anakin, Darth Vader's name before he became Darth Vader. Jar Jar Portman, anyone?

Did you name your kiddo after a favorite movie character?


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