Cash Warren Is the Hottest Baby Daddy Alive

cash warrenAttention ladies, add one more to the Sexy Baby Daddy List: Cash Warren. Yup, his wife Jessica Alba announced via a Facebook status update that she's pregnant with baby #2. So their daughter, Honor, will be a big sis and we get more pics of Cash Warren. Yum!

With the increasing numbers of celeb baby bumps to watch, we're lucky to have quite a few hot baby daddies to choose from: Natalie Portman's fiance Benjamin Millepied, Mariah Carey's Nick Cannon, and of course, Victoria Beckham's uber-baby daddy David Beckham.

But, I have to say, Cash Warren has kinda flown under the drool radar -- but no longer!


Here's why:

He's athletic: The son of actor Michael Warren (Bobby on Hill Street Blues), he grew up in California and played high school basketball. He's tall and he can handle his way around the court. He could do a full court press on me any day. Drool-o-Meter Score: 7

He's smart: We're not messing around here -- he went to Yale, ladies. Ivy League. Drool-o-Meter Score: 9

He's talented: He's a working guy. He's a behind-the-scenes guy. That's where he met Jessica -- on the set of Fantastic Four. He produces films, works as a director's assistant, and has his own production company. Drool-o-Meter Score: 7  

He's a great dad: Picture after picture, we see him with Honor. Playing in the park, out and about. No shots of him looking like he doesn't have a clue what to do with his kiddo. He's smiling, confident, sure of his parenting skills, thrilled to be with his little girl -- nothing is sexier than that! Drool-o-Meter Score: 10

That gives him an average Drool Score of 8.25. Yup, Cash Warren is one sexy papa.

Who's your hottest celeb daddy?


Image via Spash News

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