LL Cool J Wants His Kids to Be Better Than Yours

LL Cool J LL Cool J is gorgeous eye candy. Sorry, that doesn’t really have anything to do with the story. I just thought it couldn’t hurt to mention it. That being said, his four children are the source of his pride. And he’s grooming them to be uber mannerly ... I don’t know? Snobs? Sophisticates? Socialites? Whatever he’s aspiring for his brood, he’s going to ensure that the LL-ettes are prim and proper.

That’s why the self-professed “greatest rapper of all time” has hired an etiquette coach for his kids. Well, la ti da ti dee.


Most children are instructed to keep their elbows off the table, reminded to sit up straight, and told to make free and judicious use of their napkins by their own parents. But it seems that home training just won’t do for this set of young’ins. LL has enlisted the etiquette coach to teach Najee, Italia, Samaria, and Nina Simone, who range in age from 10 to 21, which cutlery to use and how to carry themselves in the presence of people that matter. That’s got to be the reason since you just don’t shell out Hollywood duckets to teach four kids how to eat and behave around common folk.

To be fair, the NCIS: Los Angeles star has admitted he personally doesn’t always feel comfortable in social settings and has been baffled by which piece of silverware to pick up during the course of a meal. (Hey, join the club LL. I got my one-and-only lesson in salad forks and dinner forks from that scene in Pretty Woman when the guy from the hotel was giving Vivian a little impromptu advisement.) So gold star for Daddy Dearest for prepping his kids to master the fine art of manners — especially since they have the money and clout to eat at upscale restaurants with upscale peeps.

How are your kids doing with their table manners? What’s your biggest meal time pet peeve? 

Image via burningkarma/Flickr

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