Justin Bieber Abortion Stance Hurts the Girls Who Love Him

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber
Did Bieber Fever just take a turn for the super-scary? Earlier today, Slate joked that Justin Bieber could easily grace the cover of Lisa Simpson's beloved Non-Threatening Boys Magazine, but then Rolling Stone magazine released a bit of a racy interview with the pop sensation, in which he strongly states he doesn't believe in abortion. Whoah. That's no catchy, non-threatening pop song.

What Justin Bieber must not understand is how this anti-choice statement, however nonchalant (and naive) it might have been, is going to travel at lightning speed around the Internet, and all his bazillion teen-aged girl fans are going to ponder it. I don't have a problem with girls pondering this topic, of course. Please ponder it!

However, how do we talk to our teens about abortion after their favorite teen idol makes such a strong statement against it?


The Biebs just told Rolling Stone:

I really don't believe in abortion. It's like killing a baby?

(Please note the question mark; is he unsure? And if so, what is he unsure about? What an abortion is? Whether it's killing? Whether it's a baby? And if he's unsure, then why is he so sure he doesn't believe in it?)

And since you've already said all that, Justin, what about abortion in cases of rape?

Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that.

Oh, so he hasn't found himself pregnant by a rapist, so he can't judge that? Well, thank God. And you know what? He never will be in that position. But sadly, many of his faithful teen girl fans will find themselves in this position.

Justin Bieber also has never been pregnant and confused or pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy or, that we know of, gotten a woman pregnant, who is in turn confused or even completely sure she does not want to have his child. So maybe, just maybe, he can't judge that either, especially considering his fans, many of whom are just having sex with boys they love (which Justin says he approves of), will find themselves faced with this decision.

So how do we talk to our teens about their favorite pop star's stance on abortion? The same way we talk to them about anyone's stance on abortion. You tell them it's complicated but that ultimately it's a personal decision. You might also tell them that women currently have the legal right to a safe abortion because when they didn't have this right, women sought unsafe and illegal abortions, which frequently led to their deaths. Maybe we can let Justin Bieber in on this information, too.

Until it's clear that Justin Bieber has really considered the implications of his stance on this extremely delicate topic, maybe he should just stick to singing songs like "Never Say Never" and, you know, taking them to heart.

Is your teenager a Justin Bieber fan? Will you talk to him/her about his recent statement on abortion?


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