'Toddlers & Tiaras' Eden Wood Stars in Music Video

Eden Wood is a beauty queen whose face, clothing, hair and accessories are all done on a regular basis for one purpose: winning. She is a beauty pageant queen who was featured on TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras and now she is making her own music video -- all at the tender age of five.

The song, called Cutie Patootie is the same one she performed on CBS's The Talk, includes lines like: "shakin' my booty" (done with a little rump shake) and talks about money, looks and affection, things a 5-year-old probably should not be thinking about, let alone singing about on national television.

The faces of The Talk's hosts say it all in the video below:


It is easy to pick on child beauty pageants and doing so is like shooting fish in a barrel. Yes, it is gross that this little girl is made up and singing about grown-up things, but I am more curious about what she will be like when she is older.

She is growing up in a world where looks, attention and makeup are the keys to her future. Those things can exist alongside other, more important things, like intellectual curiosity, charity, confidence and independence. Looks fade and the success she is banking on does not always happen for everyone, so then what? Will she be over the hill at 25?

Her booty shaking is kind of cute (if you can get over the ear-splitting voice and the queasiness of seeing a baby perform like a grown-up) but my face looks a little more like the women on The Talk when I see something like this.

It is exploitation, plain and simple. Little kids want what their parents want and in this case, it is to take Cutie Patootie right to the top with a video and the accompanying media blitz. But don't blame any of us when she is a complete mess at 29, worried about aging and left with almost nothing that actually sustains a full and rich life.

Do you think this is as messed up as I do?


Image via YouTube

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