Mark Wahlberg Gets No Oscar for Parenting Either

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg with daughter Ella Rae
Oh, now that's a low blow. And I don't really mean it. At least on the parenting front (if they made Oscars for that, Mark Wahlberg should totally be nominated!); however, he really didn't deserve an Oscar nomination for his acting in The Fighter. Great, great movie, but not because of Wahlberg's acting.

I do, however, really need to give Mark Wahlberg the business about his parenting, though, for letting his young daughter go out on a date to the movies with a boy. She's only 7 years old. Yes, 7! And that's just wrong in so many ways, for so many reasons.


Mark Wahlberg told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Monday (February 7) that he recently let his daughter, Ella Rae, go on a movie date with a 7-year-old boy.

She gave a boy in her class my cell phone number, he calls me and says, "Hey, Mr. Wahlberg, I’m taking your daughter to the movies." I’m like What? Seven years old, Jay! I'd think I had at least seven more years.

He’s seven too so I’m like okay, let me talk to your father. So me and the father talk; we take them to the movies. They don’t say a word to each other. They won't sit next to each other. They won't make eye contact.

Alright, so it seems innocent enough, Mark, a supervised movie date and all, but at 7, I don't want my kids even thinking about dating. It's just too soon for their brains to even be working like that. If that boy and his daughter are asking for and receiving movie dates in the first or second grade, what happens in middle school, when maybe they could be allowed a supervised movie date? Or even earlier? If they go on a supervised movie date that young, by 9, they're going to be kissing behind the cafeteria! And by 11, making out! Stop it.

Please don't let this happen again, Mark Wahlberg. You ought to know better. You know how young boys' brains work! And just to let you know, girls will be obsessed with boy attention soon enough; don't start co-signing that crap already! No good can come of it.

Here's the clip of Mark Wahlberg from The Tonight Show:

What do you think? Is 7 too young for even a supervised date? Or is it no big deal?


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