Victoria Beckham Cares Too Much About Gender

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Based on reports from a close family friend, it sounds like Victoria Beckham and her husband David Beckham will be getting the daughter they were hoping for. I admit, if I had three boys and was going for a fourth child, I would probably be pretty desperate for a little estrogen infusion; however, some of the language being used to describe the Beckhams' lust for a girl child makes me a little uncomfortable.

It's a little intense to put so much weight on your child's gender in the first place. A child is a child, and a healthy child is all any of us should ever hope for.


As the mom of two boys, I'm not going to lie and say I never wanted or hoped for a daughter. In fact, at both of my 20-week ultrasounds, I was shocked when they told me I was having a boy. Of course, I was more shocked at the idea of my being the mother to two boys --  than at having boy children. I had a stereotype in my mind about mothers of only boys only, and I didn't feel like I fit that stereotype. It seemed like a mismatch. I felt I couldn't parent that much boyness very well. It was more about my own feelings of inadequacy than my babies' lack of girlness.

So yes, I had some gender issues and misrepresentations to work out myself; however, based on the descriptions made by the Beckhams' family friend, it sounds like they may be entirely too invested in this child's X chromosome.

Victoria is 36 and David is thinking about life after retirement. For them, with a sister for their boys -- who are growing up fast -- this is the perfect family.

A girl will make the perfect family? But what if it turns out she's a he? Or what if she's not the girly girl Victoria is hoping for? In one interview, Victoria imagined this perfect daughter and "painting her nails, putting on make-up, and choosing clothes" with her. What if her daughter's a tomboy or not interested in those things? Will this make her daughter or the entire family any less perfect?

The source goes onto say:

All their dreams have come true. They couldn't have wished for more.

Really? All their dreams are wrapped up in the gender of this last child? No pressure, kid, but you better come out with a vagina. Otherwise, your parents' dreams might end up in the toilet.

Odds are, since Victoria had a 4D scan that determined the gender, she will, indeed, get the girl child of her dreams this summer, but I still can't help but be rubbed the wrong way by parents who become so obsessed with the genders of their children. After all, even when we think we know what we're going to get, the universe has plenty of other surprises to throw us off track. So why not just trust that whatever you get -- a boy or a girl -- is exactly what you're supposed to have. You just might not know it yet.

Are you super invested in the gender of the child you're carrying? Why or why not?


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