Katie Holmes Offers World's Worst Reason For Pregnancy

Katie HolmesOnce upon a time, I loved Katie Holmes. Then she married her couching jumping post partum depression-denying husband, gave (silent) birth to his spawn and successfully forced me to deny all fond Dawson's Creek marathon memories (save for Joshua Jackson dreams, natch). But Katie, Katie, Katie! This takes the cake.

Apparently Suri's mama was heard talking about trying for baby number two with crazy Tom Cruise. Said the actress (emphasis mine):

Suri would love a brother or sister to play with. I think it would be good for her. It’s hard to say no to her.



Oh Katie, thank you for that laugh. Because nothing screams "make another baby" like "I can't handle my first one!"

This "my child wants a sibling, and I'm going to give him/her" approach rankles particularly because I hear it . . . constantly. My husband and I opted to stop after our daughter. The reasons vary -- he was a happy only child who desperately wanted a daughter, and we got her on our first try; I had a rough pregnancy; and frankly, we're financially comfortable with one but two would be stretching it. But when people hear we have an only, their first question is: when are you going to "give her a brother or sister?"

Give her? Why should it be up to her? Or Suri for that matter?

Our kids don't carry our babies. They don't breastfeed them. Or get up in the middle of the night with them, pay for their diapers and shoes and college. They don't bear the emotional burden of raising their siblings to adulthood. In short, they have nothing to do with the important issues upon which a decision to have a child are based.

Although Katie and Tom have a little less to deal with -- they don't really worry about the cost of college -- they're still the adults in this situation who will have to bear the brunt of raising their little girl's newest desired object. And if their eldest is so spoiled that her parents will make a person for her, good luck introducing baby number two without a nasty onset of sibling rivalry.

Can you top this silly reason for getting pregnant?


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