Does Mariah Carey Want Nick to Gain Baby Weight Too?

As pregnant Mariah Carey puts on the pounds with twins due this spring, she's pulling a smooth move: tempting svelte hubby Nick Cannon to feast on a daily smorgasbord. Is Mariah trying to get Nick to gain a little sympathy weight?

She certainly wouldn't be the first mama-to-be to fatten up her hubby. I mean, nothing comes between a pregnant woman and her food, so I'm not surprised Mariah's filling up the kitchen with the sweet scent of pork chops and pecan pie.

The only trouble is, when men start eating for two, they become fat husbands and dads.


It's a troubling phenomenon, really. Somewhere around the second trimester, the nausea fades and you finally have the desire to eat for two. You've got your fave takeout places on speed dial and you're baking for an army. If you're a couple who eats together, this is great news for your husband's taste buds, but not so great for his waistline!

During my pregnancy, my husband would regularly come home to whoopie pies, blondies, or some other tempting treat that I'd brought to life from Better Homes & Gardens. Even though he is notorious for saying, "I don't have much of a sweet tooth," he'd grab a blondie because it was there, realize how good it was, and take another one. I'm not saying my husband is now a fatty, but he definitely followed my lead on eating. We never had leftovers, and it was always both of us going for seconds.

The trouble is, men don't have the calorie-burning, uterus-shrinking advantages that breastfeeding gives us. Moreover, toting an 8-pound baby around all day gives us killer biceps. Sorry to break it you dads, but if you gain baby weight, you may actually have more trouble losing it than we do. (Sorry Nick.)

Sure, it's a delicious prospect for women -- you both get to be in the same boat for a while, then you get to look hotter than he does -- but do you really want a flabby hubby? Then what happens to your sex life? Fattening up your hubby could be a real downward spiral.

Are you listening, Mariah?

Did you make your husband gain weight during pregnancy?


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