Victoria Beckham Too Posh for Crazy Pregnancy Cravings

Victoria BeckhamWhen I heard Victoria Beckham was pregnant again, I had the feeling every bit of news that would come out about baby Becks would befit her Spice Girls nickname. A woman who continues to go by the name "Posh" nearly two decades later is not going to suddenly calm down and get all "regular folks" on us. Ah, America, she isn't disappointing us.

The mama to Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz is basting her baby in none other than good old English comfort foods. Her favorite meals apparently consist of orange marmalade, toast, and English breakfast tea.


Way to blow our crazy pregnancy cravings out of the water Posh. She's one-upped us again! Because any old pregnant woman can have a taste for dryer lint and chalk or pickles and ice cream. But Posh has found a better way. Good, wholesome food that makes your body hum.

I can't blame her. When baking my baby left me throwing up morning, noon, and night, the only meal I could consistently keep down was a greasy grilled cheese paired with equally greasy French fries.

The grease coated my stomach and insulated me from the acid, but I can't help wondering if there wasn't more to it. My favorite meal, bar none, when I was a child was a grilled cheese, French fries, and an orange soda. No matter what restaurant we ate at, no matter how fancy (or shall I say posh?), that's what I asked for. My parents rolled their eyes and put up with it. At least I was consistent.

So is it any surprise that's what I went back to? That Beckham, who is British, has gone back to foods she likely ate during childhood? More than half of pregnant women, after all, end up with some form of morning sickness. You feel like crap. And what do we crave more when we feel like crap than anything else? Comfort. Familiarity. Our moms -- or at least her cooking.

They can talk up the saltines and the ginger ales all they want, but the "sick foods" aren't really that comforting. They just remind you that you feel sick. While a nice slice of Mom's apple pie will make you feel all warm and loved.

So maybe Posh is on to something here. Comfort foods could be the answer to a happier pregnancy. What do you think? What did you crave?


Image via Tawny Rockerazzi/Flickr

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