Why Is Heidi Klum Being Mean to Kids?

Heidi KlumI love Heidi Klum and think she seems like a fabulous mother, so I was excited when I heard about her new show on Lifetime, Seriously Funny Kids. But after hearing more about it, I can't help but think it sounds a little mean.

The show, which will premiere February 1, will be hosted by Klum who will interact with children and attempt to bring "out the hilarious and often insightful things they say." Sounds great; kids are hilarious and come up with some of the funniest material out there. But from what I've seen, she goes beyond funny.

Check out one scenario she described to People:


Heidi says she was hamming it up talking with a little girl about how she'd been the best-dressed woman for 10 years. Then Heidi walked away and the phone rang, informing the little girl that Heidi was going to be on the cover of the "worst-dressed person in the world" and she had to break to it to her. The girl was "devastated."

"She was so cute and she was so on my side," Klum said. "Then I came back and she had a breakdown ... and I couldn’t crack up because then she would have known it was a hidden camera bit." 

"It's so funny when these moments happen and [the kids] don't know they're being filmed. We do a lot of those, and I love those because they're just so honest."

Maybe I'm missing something, but that doesn't sound funny at all. Does it? It's one thing to see kids being funny spontaneously, but another to force and manipulate them just for the sake of a laugh.

Because it's Heidi Klum, and I really enjoy her on Project Runway, I'll probably at least give the show a shot to see what it's all about, but I'm not holding out much hope (or space on my DVR). Instead, I'm thinking it will be placed in my late-night-I-can't-sleep-and-nothing-else-is-on category.

Will you watch Hedi Klum's new show, Seriously Funny Kids?

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