Are Jade Jones & Emma Bunton Trying to One Up the Beckhams?

Emma BuntonBlame it on the Beckhams! Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, announced via Twitter that she's officially engaged to Jade Jones, the British R&B star who is papa to her son Beau. So why now?

She's been with Jones for a decade and gave birth to their son in 2007. Oh yeah, and she's pregnant again, but that announcement came back in November.

Could it have anything to do with a certain announcement from the Spice Girl living on this side of the pond? Last week Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, announced she's got her spindly fingers crossed that she's got a girl in her belly. The pregnant mom of three boys is said to be desperate for a little princess, but by all accounts the sometimes troubled Beckham marriage looks rosy these days.


Bunton announced last year that they're expecting baby Spice number two in the spring. Then came this announcement over the weekend. Pregnancies are known to push a guy's hand. They don't call them "shotgun weddings" for nothing.

But if a bun in the oven didn't push the couple to marry the first time, why is there this sudden sparkler on Bunton's hand? Maybe, just maybe, the Beckhams playing happy families has started to rub off on the Bunton/Jones household. It's tempting, after all, to keep up with the Joneses (or in this case, for the Joneses to want to keep up). There's nothing like seeing a contented family unit and want to emulate that -- especially when you're pregnant and thinking only of how best you can provide safety and security for this baby.

Then again, Jones and Bunton could be trying to one up them -- because a new baby is a big thing. But a new baby plus a wedding is even bigger. After enduring decades of the name "Baby Spice" while Victoria gets to parade around like a "posh" princess, I'd be a little cranky if I were Bunton too. And fatherhood could be making Jones extra protective!

Did pregnancy push you to marry?


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