Hilary Duff's Reported Pregnancy Makes Me Feel Old

Despite a report in Star that says otherwise, newlywed Hilary Duff is not pregnant. She tweeted this yesterday morning:

Wow what a way to wake up and find out your pregs! It's just a rumor guys! Not true. But thanks for all the good wishes! Lol

When I first heard the rumor, I was shocked because in my mind, Hilary Duff is still about 15. Turns out, some time in the past eight years she has actually grown up and gotten married to Mike Comrie, an NHL hockey star. When did that happen?

Mommy brain can be vicious sometimes, but apparently I missed the last eight years of this girl's life. Next you are going to tell me little Miley Cyrus is 18! Oh wait ...


The thing is, usually when pregnancy rumors start, it's because they're going to be true very soon. Think about J.Lo and Angelina (but don't think about Jennifer Aniston!). I would bet money that Hilary will be a mama before 2013. Consider what she told E! recently:

"I think we're really excited to have kids," Duff said. "[Comrie] comes from a really big family. But I'm only 23, so give me a little bit of time."

Well, you have had your time Hilary! You got married last August! That clock is ticking! Just kidding Hilary. I'm still adjusting to you being 23. And married. Somehow I must have known this (because I read the tabloids), but I didn't want to know because if Duff is 23, that makes me ... ancient. And if she has a baby, that makes me ... even more ancient.

So enjoy your newlywed life Hilary! Travel, have grown-up sex at noon in the kitchen, sleep in, and read books poolside. Please just don't rush it Hilary. For all of us.

Were you surprised by the rumor? Do you think it is true?


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