'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Is a Dating Disaster

Since most of the girls on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom end up single in the end, dating is a huge part of the show.

Last year we saw Maci get serious and move to be with a guy she was dating. We saw Amber date a guy fresh out of prison (oy). And we saw Farrah try hard to date anyone. Teen Mom 2 seems a little less about the dating except for Kailyn, who has gone from 0 to 60.

Now, obviously MTV is known for creative editing and creating a story out of edited half truths, but as far as I can tell, Kailyn moved from the serious relationship with her baby daddy to another one with a coworker in the time it took her son Isaac to learn to sit up. And while I get that she and baby daddy Jo are over, it seems a little wrong to jump into another relationship while she is still living with his parents.

Date, sure, but don't date yet. Wait until you're a little more self-sufficient and grounded.


Having never been a single mom, I really have no idea what it's like to be alone with a baby. But Kailyn isn't alone. She has an incredibly complicated relationship with the father of her baby and his parents, and she is currently living in their house

Throughout 16 and Pregnant, Jo's parents provided Kailyn with support, grounding, and a place to live. Even after their son broke up with her, they took her side and continued to support her. It seems highly disrespectful and ungrateful for her to turn around and date another man while living in their house.

Further, she has a baby. And she is 17. I will never understand the need to wrap yourself around a man when you have so many other things to consider. How will she raise this child? Her priorities ought to be baby, baby, and baby and then a little bit of school thrown into the mix.

She has her whole life to date and meet boys. Now is just not the time. Let Jo's parents provide the springboard from which she flies. As of last night's show, she has to move out if she wants to keep dating this boy. We see where dating got her before. Why not give that whole thing a rest and try raising her son?

Do you think it's too soon for her to date?


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