Gwyneth Paltrow Is a Working Mom's Role Model

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow:

I received your Goop newsletter last night in my inbox and I must say, I was pretty thrilled to know that you, like me, are a working mom. Honestly, your day sounds so much like mine, it's almost uncanny. Let's explore the similarities, shall we?

When I got downstairs this morning at the crack of whenever, the coffee machine said “ERROR 8” and wouldn’t let me make the cup I had been dreaming about, you say in your newsletter.

Me too, me too! Only by 6 a.m. I am usually hunkered over my computer trying to get a little bit of work done before my kids come in and start their day. Also, I usually am stumbling over the toys we were too tired to put away last night. Oh and also, my house is 1,000 square feet. But still, it's the same as me (I totally can't afford Starbucks, either).


But wait: your coffee maker says error? Mine just stops working. Well, anyway, never mind those things. Like I said, we are SO MUCH ALIKE.

Let's see how else:

It is the school Christmas toy drive deadline today so before jumping into the car, we pack up and finish decorating the shoe boxes with toys, toothbrushes, hats, scarves, books, etc, for the school Christmas toy drive.

This is really funny Gwyn (can I call you that?) because I also ignore the word "toy" in toy drive and throw in any old crap. Poor people like toothbrushes, right? They play with them? I have never known any poor people, either, but I am pretty sure that they are happy to have anything to unwrap and that includes toothbrushes and scarves.

We also agree on other horrors, too. Like no one gets how hard it is when we are late to the gym. Know what I mean? After dropping the kids off at school, I hate only having another two hours at the gym. Doesn't anyone get we need at least three? Like you say:

Rushed upstairs to have a shower, doing my post workout stretch while the conditioner was doing its magic on my hair to combine activities/save time.

We moms have to save time where we can, right Gwynnie? That is a really smart tip, too. Because I, too, need conditioning time that I just don't seem to have. I mean, where does the time go? One minute you have a whole hour to shower and the next you have to be at the fitting for the designer ball gown you have being custom made. Am I right or am I right?

Usually at this point in my day, I am taking a nap. The gym is so taxing and all. But I guess I am not as busy as you. Let's see what you are up to!

On a less manic day, this would be my couple of hours in the office to work on GOOP, come up with ideas, write/edit and go over scheduling, travel, whatever else I have going but I have no time so I just pop the old cabeza in to see if there are any deadlines or fires that need putting out.

OMG. I totally get it. My three hours at the gym also cut into my work time, too. This is so weird. Are we like sisters or something? Wow. Manic days are the worst! Like you, I also have a full day of fashion fittings and celebrity phone calls. After all that is done and I am finally home (totally exhausted), my kids play on the iPad, too. JUST LIKE YOU!

Kiddies burst through the door and play in my office while I finish up, just drawing and hanging out and of course playing Plants vs Zombies on the iPad, their obsession that I have to limit like crazy!

This is so weird. I totally have chills. Do you have chills, too, G? Well, girl, I just want to thank you for the advice. I am totally calling your fishmonger. The only reason we have been eating frozen pizza is because my local fishmonger refuses to deliver. Can you imagine? I mean, what does he expect a working mom like you and me to do?

Whew. After all this, I am just exhausted, but I really wanted to personally thank you for speaking to me -- and so many moms like me. Because hard as our lives can be sometimes, it is so good to know that we are not alone and that someone like you feels our pain.

Working moms unite!

If you have anything you would like to add for Gwyn, let me know!

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