Selma Blair Joins Hollywood Baby Boom

Selma Blair is pregnant, which means she now gets to join half of Hollywood by growing her very own baby bump. Jeesh. Is there something in the water out there? Some fertility ritual the rest of us are missing?

This will be the first baby for the 38-year-old actress. Her boyfriend, fashion designer Jason Bleick, will be playing the role of baby daddy. They met through fashion, natch, while collaborating on the Ever fashion line where he serves as Creative Director. But if the fashion-savvy Blair needs to borrow maternity wear, she won’t have to look far.

For those keeping score, we now have Jennifer Connelly, Jane Krakowski, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson’s wife Jade Duell, and Natalie Portman. What is up Hollywood? Was there a freak blackout or snowstorm we all missed?


Maybe all that bodywork and fishmongers crap Gwyneth Paltrow peddles actually stimulates the ovaries. I guess if I were living a totally stress-free life full of massage appointments, acupuncture, and sex with a hottie, I would also get knocked up.

Pregnancy is an occupational hazard when your job is being hot, I suppose.

Since Selma Blair tends toward the fashion extreme, seeing what she comes up with in the way of maternity wear should be interesting, indeed.

Also, if you follow rumors (which none of us do, natch), there is a light one going around about Reese Witherspoon’s reasons for getting engaged. Is she preggo, too? At this point nothing would surprise me and I am sure Blair and Witherspoon, rumored to be very close friends, would love to share in all the joy (and travails) of the pregnant life together.

What do you think is up with all these Hollywood babies?


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