Owen Wilson & Jade Duell Planning a Home Birth

Owen WilsonThough we just learned that actor Owen Wilson and his mystery woman, Jade Duell, are expecting a baby "any day now," the couple has all the details planned. They have said they want things to be as natural as possible, and according to sources, that includes a home birth at Wilson's house in Maui.

Duell reportedly moved there from her home state of Virgina after they met aboard a flight from L.A. to D.C. It sounds like she's helped him move past some of the despair he faced a few years back when he attempted suicide and he's found "a new lease on life" with her. Wilson seems to have slowed down and reevaluated his life and priorities and wants to bring his son into the world in the same kind of peace.


“Jade and Owen were both on the same page when they decided to have the baby at home,” a source told Star magazine. “They wanted a calm, quiet, soothing atmosphere for their boy. It was very important to Owen that the birth be Zen-like, because now he’s all about tranquility being the key to a healthy life.”

I can't imagine ever having a home birth, but I know many women who have and wouldn't do it any other way. As long as they have someone there who's trained in birthing and are able to seek hospital care if it becomes necessary, then it can be a great experience. And I hope it is for them.

They also already have a name picked out to bestow upon him at arrival -- Ford Linton Wilson. Linton is Duell's father's name, and Ford was just one they both liked. Strong, not bizarre or trying too hard, I like it.

So now all that's left is waiting for the little guy to arrive. I can't wait to see pictures!

Have you ever had a home birth? If so, what advice would you offer Owen Wilson and Jade Duell?

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