Rachel Zoe Is Having a Boy: 5 Fab Baby Gifts to Make Her Go Bananas

Rachel Zoe

While she didn't actually intend to, Rachel Zoe announced the sex of the baby she's expecting with her husband Rodger Berman, and it's a boy! The style maven and mama-to-be let it slip during a magazine interview when she said "his" in referring to the baby. Realizing the slip, Berman then leaned over, kissed her stomach, and said, "It's a little boy."

Awwww, and thank goodness, because now people can start buying his baby shower gifts. Buying for the child of someone that stylish is no easy task. It's not like she's going to adorn him in any old things. So to make matters easier for any of those of you who may be in the market to buy Zoe or someone like her a baby gift, here are a few suggestions that will make her go bananas.


Gucci Baby Slippers

Every dapper dude needs a pair of these kicks by none other than Gucci to keep his toes toasty.

Gucci Baby Shoes
$190; Neiman Marcus

Zoe knows the importance of accessorizing well. With boys choices are limited, so you know she's going to go gaga for hats.

Baby Fedora
$28.50; My Retro Baby
Cashmere Baby Blanket

Rachel dies for cashmere, and this tough guy baby blanket by Amber Hagen will keep the little guy warm and stylish.

Cashmere baby blanket
$260; Barneys

Dolce and Gabbana Duds

If they're good enough for mom, then even better for baby. These jeans and sweater will help the little guy do his part to promote the designer like his mom does.

Dolce and Gabanna Baby
Bergdorf Goodman; Sweater, $140; Jeans, $215
Dior Pacifier

If he's going to have a piece of silicone sticking out of his mouth, it might as well be a pretty one like one of these from Christian Dior.

Dior Pacifiers
Baby Bubble; $49.95
What would you buy if you were buying Rachel Zoe a baby gift?

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