Katie Takes Suri Fashion Advice at Her Own Risk

suri cruise katie holmes fashionKatie Holmes, mom to 4-year-old Suri and wife to wackadoodle Tom Cruise, recently admitted in an interview with Elle magazine that she sometimes takes fashion advice from her toddler. Katie looks fantastic, so I'm loathe to criticize her fashion choices, but this business of letting Suri decide which pants you're going to put on is a slippery slope, Mrs. Cruise.

I think we can all agree that there are very few areas in which toddlers should be your go-to for advice. I can think of three: How to have fun, how to forgive, how to express true, raw, emotion. Everything else, you need to stick to people who know that poop jokes aren't funny, and bright pink isn't your color.

So I worry about Katie. And I can only imagine what we're going to see in the tabloids if she keeps up this business of trusting Suri to make her clothing choices for her. At least if she's anything like my 4-year-old.

Here's what I suspect Katie will be stepping out in soon:


pink fluffy nightmare dressThe Pink, Fluffy Nightmare

My daughter spotted a dress like this when we were looking at the young ladies headed to a quinceanera across the street from our house. She was floored and needed to know why we never "got to dress like this." Katie, you're not 15. Don't let Suri do this to you.

dora the explorer t-shirtDora the Explorer Adult Tee

Sooner or later your little fashionista is going to clamor for you to represent by sporting one of her favorite TV show characters. Count yourself lucky if she doesn't watch The Imagination Movers.

hello kitty judith lieber bagHello Kitty Judith Lieber Bag

And apparently this bag costs $4,000. I realize that makes the temptation greater. After all, you're a celebrity and therefore drop ridiculous amounts of money on handbags. But rest assured one of the two scenarios will happen: A) You'll look ridiculous, or B) Suri will claim this as her own after convincing you it's the "must-have" bag of the season.

Would you take fashion advice from a toddler?

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