Justin Bieber: Golden Boy Turns Naughty Boy

Justin Bieber Vanity FairSo the jig is up, right, Justin Bieber? I mean, Miley Cyrus can't have all the dirty teen pop star fun, right?

Yep, looks like golden boy Justin Bieber is getting a little naughtier in his 16 years -- from a mature, slightly racier magazine spread in Vanity Fair to being caught seriously canoodling with his new squeeze Selena Gomez.

I don't hear too many moms screaming about Justin being a bad role model though -- as we have with most of his female counterparts. Do I detect a double standard?


Justin Bieber Selena Gomez kissingHere's just a tiny peek at the photos recently released on TMZ of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting frisky on a private yacht in the Caribbean over New Year's weekend. There are more, including one with Justin's hand on Selena's derriere. Eek! Hotel room dates, PDA, these two look to be getting pretty serious.

Now I know this is what teenhood is all about. I remember. And bully for these two, but Selena is the one getting death threats. It's probably just a matter of time before she gets called a you-know-what and a bad role model for girls -- if it hasn't already been said.

Justin Bieber Vanity Fair shirtlessAnd remember when 15-year-old Miley Cyrus posed in the racy Vanity Fair cover shoot by Annie Leibovitz? People went nuts. But here comes Justin, showing just as much skin in the bare-chested shot to the left.

I'm totally cool with any and all pop stars growing up (I mean, do we really have a choice?). This is just part of life, and their lives happen to be caught on film by paparazzi and famous photographers so that we may analyze their lives even further. Parents can decide whether or not they let their kids partake in their music, shows, concerts, or other products.

Just stay clear of the bongs, Justin, okay? (And maybe keep the canoodling inside the boat next time.)

What do you think? Are the standards of behavior different for boy pop stars vs. girl pop stars? Should they be?


Images via Art Streiber for Vanity Fair, TMZ, and Art Streiber for Vanity Fair

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