Reese Witherspoon Marrying Jim Toth Because He's a Perfect Stepdad?

Jim Toth Reese WitherspoonWhen I read Reese Witherspoon was engaged to Jim Toth, a guy who didn't even have his own Wikipedia page, I wanted to send her a congrats on finding a way to insert a little normalcy into the lives of two Hollywood kids. Ava and Deacon won't be able to use Google to check up on their new stepdad. How old-fashioned!

The guy stepping in to help Reese parent her two children from her marriage to Ryan Phillippe -- who is still very much involved in his kids' lives -- has the advantage of being "in the industry" as an agent. But the kids have been able to get to know him through the standard trial and error that comes with your divorced parent getting out there on the dating scene. For moms like Witherspoon, that means a lot; you can share exactly what you want with your kids, when you think they're ready.


The experts will tell you that's what dating post divorce is all about when you're a parent; protecting your kids, acting like an adult not a teenager. But it's getting harder. Googling your date is standard procedure, and when you consider the average kid now spends eight hours a day using digital media, it's not a major leap to assume they're doing it too.

Just watch The Good Wife; the kids on the CBS show know every single one of their politician father's sexual proclivities, and then some. Their parents think they keep them in the dark, but the computer tells all.

Everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook, and if you're friending your kids to keep track of them, any photos of you that have been tagged, any drunken posts from friends, are an open book. And then there's ye olde Google. Most of us don't have our dating lives out there like Witherspoon, but any time we comment on an Internet forum using our Facebook sign in (on places like The Stir), our name is tied to it. Our kids can read it. So can the kids of any future dates.

Jim Toth's kept much of his life off of the web, and that can only be a good thing for the start of a new family. Do you worry about what your kids will find on the internet about you or your dates?


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