LeAnn Rimes Pregnant or Just Full of Lust?

leann rimes eddie cibrianIt's against our better natures to feel bad for LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. But a day after the homewreckers, er, happy couple officially announced they were engaged, the rumor mill has started grinding out more naughty stories. First up? LeAnn Rimes is pregnant!

At least they're saying Cibrian is the daddy . . . so far. "Sources" are claiming this will be a shotgun wedding for the couple who first hooked up last year, while they were each married to someone else. Go on, call me old-fashioned, but shouldn't parents at least have a fighting chance that their kid will just be spectacularly bad at math and never figure out they were a bastard?


And shouldn't two people get the chance to enjoy a little wedded bliss without being expected to pop out some kids? These two people didn't just hook up; they cheated on their respective spouses in order to hook up. It's clear they have some hard core lust for each other at the very least; they don't need a kid to hurry things along.

Maybe I'm just projecting here. I was married very young, which prompted more shotgun wedding rumors than were necessary, thank you very much. The fact that we'd been married five years before we had our daughter (our ONLY child) doesn't seem to click when people find out just how young I was when we got hitched. Apparently bastard children are not the only ones who are bad at math.

For the record: I wasn't pregnant when we got engaged, didn't want to be pregnant when we got married, and my husband loved me enough to marry me anyway. That's still the way it works for most couples. So what if in Hollywood, getting married after the pregnancy is not as big a deal as it is in my Catholic family? Rimes and Cibrian clearly don't take the whole vows thing that seriously anyway, but that doesn't make pregnancy a foregone conclusion.

Rimes has already taken to Twitter saying "this is such BS!!!! Lol, you people all report BS" as people poke their noses into her womb. Considering it's the same forum she used to confirm their engagement, we're going to say she's telling the truth. She's not pregnant . . . she just wants Cibrian baaaad. Do you automatically assume a celeb is pregnant when she gets engaged?


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