'Grey's Anatomy' Pregnancy: It's Not Who You Think!

It looks like there might be a Grey's Anatomy pregnancy this season after all, only its not Derek and Meredith's...  It looks like Callie might end up pregnant, potentially with Mark Sloan's baby. The drama!

Last we saw her, she was fretting over a terrible breakup with Arizona who left to go to Africa and had drunken sex with Mark. And now she might be be pregnant.

According to a synopsis of the January 13 episode:


Arizona tries to reconcile with Callie, who has big news to share; Teddy faces an important decision; the residents receive new interns; the Chief makes an announcement.



We all know Callie was desperate to have a baby and Arizona was only so-so on the idea. But Mark was dying for a baby last season...  Can we see where this is going? In real life, this situation would be a ridiculous mess, but on Grey's Anatomy, they will probably make the drama fit.

I foresee a dramatic reconciliation and an attempt for all three -- Arizona, Callie and Mark -- to try to raise the baby together. And we all know what a baby means on any TV show....  Think Family Ties and Growing Pains, people.

A shark jump almost always follows. Now we only have a three-week wait to find out!

What do you think this pregnancy would mean?


Image via ABC

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