Kelly Oxford Tweets Motherhood, Makes Big Money

In what is a kind of dream for all of who try to turn our parenting lives into Twitter and Facebook gold, Canadian model-turned-mommy-blogger Kelly Oxford has sold a TV show based on her life, kids, and posts to CBS.

Gawker and many other media outlets are saying that the network bought her Twitter feed, but the mom of three and blogger since 1997 says the network bought a pilot that she wrote, a sitcom called Mother of All Something.

"I didn't 'sell my Twitter feed,'" she says on her blog. "There is a huge difference between a Twitter concept being sold and a writer who tweets selling a pilot. At least I thought there was."

And given the way Sh*t My Dad Says went from one of the great Twitter feeds ever to a below-average and bound-for-the-trash-heap sitcom, I wouldn't want anyone thinking that either, whatever the truth was.


And her Twitter feed is the thing that made her most famous, so it no doubt had a lot to do with the pilot selling. She's genuinely great on Twitter, and stands out despite the crazy comedy competition there. I don't say that because of how she looks in her avatar. Her fans and re-Tweeters include Roger Ebert and John Mayer. Some of her better recent Tweets:

On pregnancy:

Get into the Christmas spirit by remembering how cool Joseph was about an invisible guy impregnating his lady Mary.

Pregnant women are the original Trojan Horses.

On babies:

I'd be more impressed with your baby's sign language skills if she was deaf.

God was so smart starting Adam and Eve off as adults and skipping the whole baby part.

On big kids:

This kid who wants 'two front teeth' for Christmas is full of shit.

Scary to think that my kids could become adults who mix up there/they're and I’ll have wasted 20 yrs because I have to kill them.

If you hear a kid say he's afraid of clowns or loud movies, he's probably not from Darfur.

The non-kid-related stuff if far nastier, and none of it is easy to imagine on CBS. And that's the problem. TV -- especially network TV -- has a way of taking the work of brilliant people and putting their work through a corporate meatgrinder until it comes out in little patties of suck. So I'm having a hard time imagining that the show will be any good. Of course if CBS or anyone else wants to buy my online daddy babbling and turn it into a TV show, I'd be more than happy to let them screw it up. For cheap, too. 

What do you think? Are you interested in the show?


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