Octomom Nadya Suleman Was Almost Polygonmom

Octomom Nadya Suleman's doctor, Michael Kamrava, is under heavy pressure during his medical trial hearing to determine if he's going to be allowed to keep his medical license. His most current claim in his own defense? Suleman volunteered to be a test subject for an experimental study, which he wrote about in a scholarly article.

Octomom says that's a lie, of course, and her lawyer asked Kamrava where her contract states that. Nowhere, but uh ... they talked about it extensively.

Brilliant, dude. Way to tack on a 10th charge for dishonesty and corrupt acts for failing to get patient consent. Just when you think this whole situation couldn't get any more stupid ...


I really don't envy the lawyers, judges, or social workers involved in this ridiculous disaster. Between just Kamrava and Suleman, there's so much dishonesty that if they had to put money in a "Lying Jar," they'd have saved enough to be able to buy their very own island. Seems that if they also had a "Stupid Jar," they'd be able to coat the island in gold.

(I kind of do wish they could leave for their own secluded island, actually.)

But Dr. Kamrava didn't just screw over Suleman, who is part of his trial. Apparently he's also under investigation for repeatedly failing to get informed consent from many patients (though "informed" consent is a joke in this country anyway). He has put a camera in the uterus to watch once the egg is implanted, which I actually think is pretty cool IF he'd done it with consent, but he's also administered Clomid to patients without taking into consideration medical issues or length of use which may be responsible for one patient's advanced uterine cancer.

So not only is this winner a doctor, ladies, but he causes cancer and sticks cameras in your body without you knowing, after he's impregnated you with god-knows-how-many eggs for his own experiments

What's sad is that he's actually a pretty smart guy when it comes to science -- he's done a lot of work to eliminate ectopic pregnancies and the uterus falling when the embryo is placed. It's just unfortunate that he's such a complete moron who apparently needs his own legal term just to protect him from himself.

Before you think I'm coming down too hard on him, let us remind ourselves (how could we FORGET?) how much of a winner Suleman herself is -- from going in for IVF after she had six children she already struggled to care for, to setting up a web page for "the babies" that was nothing more than a donation site, and trying to get her own TV show. No one knows what's true and what isn't anymore. Let's not even get into how much she CAN'T take care of these kids who are the real victims here.

Now the Octomomma site states that there's new information that says that Kamrava didn't just implant six embryos, but TWELVE. Suleman isn't behind the site that we know of. She has way too many kids to have time to run a website.

Honestly, I don't even know what to say to that, but of course, the doctor claims she knew. Look, Nadya Suleman doesn't seem like the brightest crayon in the box by a long shot, and that's the nice way to say that, but I find it really unlikely that she agreed to have 12 embryos put into her body. But then again, who knows? She DID go for IVF even with six kids, no job, while living with her mother, so who is to say what she would or wouldn't do?

What do you think about this new info? Do you think Nadya knew she was a test subject for 12 embryos?


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Editor's Note: This version corrects original.

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