Mason Holland: Goodbye NBA; Hello, Anger Management (Video)

mason holland referee outburst violenceA Florida high school student Mason Holland probably kissed his chances for being a college baller goodbye when he snapped and physically attacked the referee at his game the other night. Holland not only pushed the ref but picked him up and slammed him onto the basketball court.

The teen's violent outburst came after the referee issued him a technical foul for pushing a player from the other team. While the fans sort of hoot and holler at the whole thing, the attack is very disturbing and scary to watch, especially because you don't know how far this angry, out-of-control kid is going to take the assault.

And now what's going to happen to this kid who has serious anger problems?


Here's the video (zoom ahead to about 1:05):

Holland, a senior and one of the team's top players, has been suspended from school for at least a week and banned from playing for the DeSoto County High School team.

"He'll never play here again. I've been coaching for 40 years, and I've never experienced anything like that," the team's Coach Joe Sheridan told USA Today. "I'm still in shock ... I was the first person on the court, and I haven't slept since."

I'm in total agreement with these consequences from the coach and the school (not sure about his parents' consequences); however, what about this kid's anger management problem? If he explodes like that on the ball court in front of dozens of people, then what happens when some dude teases him at a party or a teacher rejects his answer in the classroom? It's not like this kid has a problem attacking a person of authority.

Let's not just oust this kid from the game and let him miss a little school. Let's get him some professional help! Otherwise, I can guarantee, body slamming a referee is going to seem like nothing along this kid's path.

What do you think should be done, if anything, for Mason Holland?


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