Blossom & Extended Breastfeeding: Everyone Needs to Chill Out

mayim bialik breastfeedAnother voice in the extended breastfeeding discussion just got a whole lot more famous. Mayim Bialik, or Blossom, as she's affectionately known to us Generation Xers, has written a compelling essay on why she nurses her 2.5-year-old son. I have to say after all of these other super-extended breastfeeding stories, Bilaik's stance seems positively quaint.

Bialik is speaking out in support of breastfeeding her toddler, and also answering some frequently asked questions that might clear some things up for you if you're like, WTF, Blossom?

This smart lady also has a PhD in Neuroscience as well as being a certified lactation educator/counselor, so she knows that of which she speaks. Here's a fantastic wrap-up of what she says to her family when they're up in her business.


Am I a push-over? A weak mom who needs her son more than he needs her? Not at all. Am I letting my toddler run my life? No way. Am I spoiling him? There’s no evidence of that! Do I enjoy knowing that mothers who nurse longer have lower rates of breast, uterine, ovarian cancer and osteoporosis? Sure. Do I enjoy knowing that breastmilk contains antibiotic, anti-allergy, and anti-obesity properties? Yes. Is this why I do it? No. Those are neat facts, but the real reason we nurse this way, now, all night, all day, anywhere and anyhow, is because it’s not broken, so there is nothing to fix.

While I'm not a supporter of nursing your 6-year-old, I don't really see how nursing a 2, 2-and-a-half, or even a 3-year-old is all that dramatic. My personal icky line comes around 4 years, but hey, we all have our own feelings about extended breastfeeding and what makes us uncomfortable. And nobody is forcing us to breastfeed, much less into toddlerhood and beyond.

So if you're still pulling up your shirt for your toddler, you can point to Ms. Bialik's FAQs and say FU. Go, Blossom!

Does Blossom's essay change your mind about extended breastfeeding?


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