Paul Bettany & Jennifer Connelly: A Little 'Tourist' on the Way

Paul Bettany Jennifer ConnellyPaul Bettany doesn't need to be bummed that reviews for his new film, The Tourist, indicate it's not an adventure worth taking. The talented Brit and wife Jennifer Connelly have a surefire hit on their hands: she's pregnant with their second child (her third).

Bettany stars as Inspector Acheson in the new Angelina Jolie flick, the cop who is chasing down Johnny Depp -- who Acheson thinks is a criminal. Fortunately he didn't have to work quite so hard with Connelly. The couple has been together since meeting on A Beautiful Mind, and in a town that's all about putting your career first, she's an actress who has made it clear kids are her priority.


Connelly admitted the birth of her eldest child, Kai, changed her focus on her work entirely.

“I don’t think I would have been able to do the quality work that followed if it hadn’t been for my son,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “He changed me. He helped me to understand myself and find my place in the world.”

She found the perfect match when she met Bettany, who is Kai's stepfather as well as father to son Stellan, 7, and of course the little one in her tummy at the moment. When Stellan was born, Bettany couldn't stop talking about how the little boy had changed his life.

"A stupid thought, but just for that second I felt like the human being I've always wanted to be," he said. "I also realised that, if anyone did ever harm my son, I'd be capable of murder."

Having both parents on board is one of the clear keys to not only a successful pregnancy but a happy marriage, and in a time when public relationships are breaking up right and left, it's always nice to see two parents who have their priorities straight. Even better: it's nice seeing two parents show that you can balance career and family and not lose out on either end. In addition to Bettany's turn in The Tourist, Connelly has several films in the works too. Expect to see her in The Dilemma in 2011, hopefully making the press junket rounds with a baby in tow.

Does this happy Hollywood couple give you hope?

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