Naomi Campbell Wants a Baby, Watch Out!

Naomi Campbell When one thinks of Naomi Campbell, one thinks drama and flying cell phones; one does not think of sweet maternal instincts. But deep within the diva, apparently those urges are there ... as frightening as the thought of her procreating a little mini diva/divo may be.

The supermodel, who is dating Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, told the Mirror she would love to have a baby.

Oh wow, if I was blessed enough to fall pregnant or have a child then that's in God's hands. I'd be thrilled.



You do remember how she freaked out on her housekeeper in 2006 and threw a cell phone at her head, cutting her badly enough to need four stitches? Or that time she threw a phone at her assistant in 2003 (allegedly) in the midst of a tantrum?

Going back to 2000, Campbell reportedly beat an assistant and pleaded guilty to assault charges. Just this past March a limo driver accused her of assaulting him.

The thought of someone with such a hot temper in charge of an unpredictable and often-frustrating baby, well, that just doesn't sound like such a good mix. Perhaps she should get one of those pretend babies -- the kind they use in junior high sex ed classes -- and see if she can care for it for a few months without whacking it upside the head with her iPhone before she gets a real one.

Oh, and just imagine Campbell pregnant. You can be as entitled and elitist as you want, but you can't diva your way out of morning sickness, or hemorrhoids, or heartburn. Lord help the baby's father, and anyone in that woman's wake as all those hormones and strange happenings start surging through her body.

Beyond being a pregnant prima dona, there are just too many cell-phone-throwing opportunities presented by pregnancy for anyone to be safe.

Or perhaps, more optimistically, motherhood might soften Campbell, make her realize the world doesn't revolve around her, and she'll become a kinder, gentler diva. Stranger things have happened ... but I'd hold tight to your cell phone and not hold your breath.

Can you imagine Naomi Campbell as a mother?

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