Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Family Photo -- Awkward!

Ashlee Simpson and Pete WentzAshlee Simpson and Pete Wentz hammed it up with son Bronx this weekend with an awkward family photo. They posed in tacky sweaters, reindeer ears, and goofy smiles and looked like they had a great time doing it.

With the plethora of unintentional awkward family holiday cards out there, it seems capturing one deliberately may be a bit of a trend. Beware your mailbox!

While taking one may or may not become a yearly thing for the Simpson-Wentz crew (these were part of an Old Navy promotion), Simpson says they are focused on building lasting traditions that Bronx will remember for life.

"For my husband and I, it's nice to start those traditions now. What we're doing with the tree, what we did over Thanksgiving ... we actually had an amazing Thanksgiving with Pete's family," Simpson told People.


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

As for her family, Ashlee said her sister Jessica Simpson is happier than ever with her new fiance, Eric Johnson, and thinks it would be great if they gave Bronx a little cousin. 

"Of course it would be wonderful if it happened," says Ashlee. "We were actually over there yesterday, and Jessica is a wonderful godmother, and aunt, so I know she would be a wonderful mother."

Think of the adorable pictures that would make!

Bronx Wentz

And don't worry, just because Bronx recently celebrated his birthday (he turned 2 on November 20) doesn't mean there won't be any gifts under the tree for him.

He'll still have a great Christmas, and he's really into Thomas the Train, but we have enough Thomas, so we do not need that this year!

What kind of holiday traditions have you started with your children?


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