Is Chris Rock Becoming a Doula?

Of all the things most women are doing in labor -- screaming, clawing, crying, begging -- laughing is not usually one of them, but thanks to Chris Rock, one woman's labor story is much cooler than the rest. This weekend, the comedian was on hand to help deliver a baby when a woman's water broke right in front of him at Neiman Marcus.

It's hard to imagine a man I would want at my labor more! After all, isn't laughter the best medicine?

He [Rock] started cracking jokes, amusing the mom-to-be (who had to have been mortified; isn't this every pregnant woman's worst nightmare?) and the throng of rubbernecking shoppers until paramedics arrived. "He was making the crowd and the woman in labor laugh," an eyewitness told Us. She recognized who he was immediately and he stayed there until the paramedics took her away.



Of course, the poor new mom was living every pregnant woman's nightmare (among a few). To have your water break in public is up there in terms of Things You Do Not Want to Happen.

Luckily she had an experienced father of two with a serious funny bone on hand to help her. I wonder what he was saying as she got ready to deliver. Was he telling her it was now her number one job to keep her baby off the pole (assuming the baby was a girl)? Or did he keep it clean, sticking only to jokes that were rated PG?

My guess is that Rock -- a comedian known for his raunch and his strong feelings about family -- figured out how to make her laugh and did it the way that worked for her. I liked Rock before because he is hilarious. But now I like him even more because he is also a brave guy willing to stand up and do more than just make people laugh.

Seriously, how many of us would lend our time and expertise to someone in need so generously?

Wonder if they will be friends for life now. Maybe the baby will be named Chris. So many questions!

What would you do if this happened to you?


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