Sarah Palin Is a Better Mom Than Kate Gosselin

Sarah PalinI almost felt bad for Kate Gosselin when I heard she went out camping with Sarah Palin for what was supposed to be a two-day jaunt with the kids. I'm not outdoorsy, and I'm not a Palin fan. Then I actually watched the trailer of the battle royale that was the Gosselin appearance on Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Let's get this on record: I am now throwing all my sympathies behind Sarah Palin for putting up with even two hours (that's how long Kate reportedly stuck around) of the Gosselin clan. Kate Gosselin has made her look like the mother of the year. As the whines add up, the mother of eight sounds more and more like one of her own kids. Take a look:


Can we give her some cheese to go with that whine? First off, Kate, guns are loud. It's a fact. But so are eight shrieking kids who are hungry/happy/excited/whiny/sad/hungry -- you can pretty much take your pick. It's becoming increasingly hard to believe that she spends significant amounts of time with her brood if she can't hack a little noise pollution.

On the other hand, moms who don't spend any time with their kids should know a little something about prepping them for the day out with someone else. When's the last time you sent your kids off for the day without a baggie full of assorted snacks just in case? Now multiply that baggie times eight with the Gosselin crew, and Kate, you should never go hungry again.

The fact that she'd turn her nose up at a sandwich (which you'll notice she threw to the ground) is even more befuddling to a mom who has spent five years eating her kid's leftovers. That's what moms do, Kate! We gave up on our gourmet meals to save money, and then we realized how many whole wheat bread crusts were being wasted by our picky eaters -- we learned to make do with what we had.

According to ABC News, Kate absolutely went ballistic when she realized, gasp, there was no hand sanitizer, table, or utensils to eat hot dogs and hamburgers. Apparently she's never been to a kid's birthday party ... like, ever?

The episode airs this Sunday in full, and we'll be watching. Will you?


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