Willow Smith Will Whip In New Year's Eve

Willow SmithI'm pretty sure Willow Smith is the coolest tween on the planet. She's 10 years old, and take a wild guess on what her New Year's Eve plans are ...

Performing on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve Special!

While other kids her age will be begging mom and dad to stay up, she'll be whipping her hair on stage at the iconic holiday event. Wow. Could you imagine? I doubt she's even of age to have ever stayed up late enough to watch the special before (it kicks off at 10 p.m. EST).


Her plans are a far, far cry from what I was doing on New Year's Eve when I was her age. I remember it like it was yesterday. My BFF and I hoarded all of the cookies and chips from my parents' kitchen into the basement where we set it out buffet-style. This was back when (gasp!) kids were allowed to eat junk food every now and then. Then, even though we didn't normally drink root beer, we convinced my mom we loved it so that she'd buy us a bottle each. We wanted to sip on it only because it had the word "beer" in it and came in glass bottles. Yeah, we thought we were too cool for school. We danced around to bad '90s music and called the radio station every 15 minutes to request Prince's "1999" song to come on (even though it was 1994).

Comparing myself to Willow -- ohmigod I was so lame.

She'll be partying it up with adults such as Ne-Yo, Drake, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Hudson, and Natasha Bedingfield (not bad company) while ringing in 2011 -- which I'm sure will be an insane year for her -- while her peers will be sitting at home in their pajamas fighting with the babysitter over their bedtime.

Of course, there are the haters, complaining that her song was made for kids and that she shouldn't be performing for an adult holiday celebration. Who's going to be singing "Whip My Hair" along with her if all of her fanbase is already in bed?


Hopefully, she does act her age as far as the Internet browsing goes and is kept in the dark when it comes to all of those hateful remarks. I think it's pretty awesome that she got picked to perform and she should enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience (but at the rate she's going, I'm sure she has many more to look forward to).

Think Willow's old enough to perform at a New Year's Eve event?


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