Christina Applegate Reveals Hot Prenatal Pole Dance [Video]

Christina Applegate can work a pole. In her new prenatal pole dancing video, we see just how.

Applegate and her 41-year-old fiance, Porno for Pyros bassist Martyn LeNoble, announced their pregnancy last summer. Meanwhile, Christina launched her own unique workout -- the prenatal pole dance.

In case those words -- prenatal pole dancing -- struck fear into your heart, rest assured. It's a joke. And a very funny one at that.

Pregnant women turning themselves upside down and sliding down a pole? Hi-larious stuff.

In the Funny or Die video, Applegate is Roxy Fedaro, a pole dancing instructor who says such motivating things as "you're a total fat ass."

So helpful! See below:


Work it Christina!

My favorite part is the part where she passes gas and says, "He'll understand." He better!

She works the pole to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" and wears four-inch stilettos, ripped stockings, and a sexy sneer all while telling us:

"Prenatal pole dancing works," she says, "because when men see pregnant women they know she's down for sex."

That's right, ladies! 

Who is up for prenatal pole work?


Image via Funnyordie

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