Christina Aguilera Pregnancy Rumors Heat Up After AMAs

Christina Aguilera's burlesque performance from the 2010 American Music Awards last night has caused many to speculate whether the singer and performer is currently with child.

True, she did look a bit curvier, but Aguilera's weight has always fluctuated a bit and, like any mom, she has a bit of a pooch below the belt when she's in super-tight clothing.

This doesn't mean she is pregnant.

She is going through a divorce, trying to raise her son, and probably completely to the wall with a new movie coming out and all the drama. Maybe she doesn't have time to work out! Gasp!

Check out the video for yourself:


Christina's weight fluctuations have been well-documented, but at 29 (almost 30 next month), being a stick figure is not the norm. And almost every new mom has a new shape that does include a bit of a curve in the lower belly.

Most photos we see in magazines are heavily airbrushed anyway and let's face it: Aguilera looks better with a little meat on her bones. And I don't mean that in a female empowerment, curves are beautiful way. I mean that in an honest, she actually looks better way.

Let's give the speculation a rest, shall we? I highly doubt the busy performer has had time to get knocked up in between fights with Jordan Bratman, baby raising, promoting her new movie, and performing.

Odds of pregnancy 100 to 1.

Do you think she is preggo?


Image via YouTube

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