Pregnant Pink Gets a Baby Shower

pinkEven if you're not a fan of her music, there's no denying that Pink and her husband, former motocross racer and now tattoo magnate Carey Hart, are one hip, edgy pair of parents-to-be. Somehow I think they'll be forgoing the traditional baby shower for something a bit more rock star.

Let's imagine that you've scored an invite to the event. What sort of gift do you bring for a baby with two pretty unconventional parents? Here's what Pink might want to be adding to her baby registry.





If this baby's a girl, this custom tattoo crib set from Etsy seller kristydelcoronado would be the perfect antidote to the sweet-and-fussy baby girl stuff out there.

tattoo crib sheets

Of course, babies go through onesies almost as fast as they go through diapers, so may we suggest this bucket of tattooed onesies from bunnygreenjeans.

onesie bucket

Or this detailed love bird onesie from truly sanctuary (both on Etsy)?

Of course, Pink's known for working out hard and having a rockin' body to show for it, so this baby's going to be on the move, too. When it's time to work those little muscles, how about this Baby Play Place from Bright Starts?

With a musician mama, this kid's going to be exposed to an enormous amount of music. He or she can jam along with this baby mini piano from Land of Nod.


Paparazzi frequently catch Pink and Carey riding their bikes along the beach. They'll need a good bike trailer; this Chariot Carrier Cougar 2 stroller/trailer gets good reviews on

Pretty soon baby will want their own wheels, of course. Hipster parents love the Svan line of sleek, Euro-designed baby products, and this Svan wooden scooter's no exception.


What would you get Pink if you were invited to her shower?


Image via Pink's Page,, Bright Starts, Land of Nod,,

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