Mariah Carey Reveals How She Got Pregnant

Celebrities have it easy, right? Most times. But when it comes to getting pregnant, they are just like us. Well, sort of. Mariah Carey has a baby in her belly and while I'm sure she and hubby Nick Cannon are all kinds of pampered, the TTC road wasn't easy for them. She miscarried back in 2008 and the road to conception wasn't easy.

Mariah recently opened up about how she got pregnant again. She took progesterone, which by itself can aid in conception and supposedly help prevent miscarriages from occurring, but she also got acupuncture once a day to aid in fertility.

Okay, so while most people certainly can't go once a day (the cost!), there definitely are proven benefits to acupuncture. A lot of insurance companies are starting to cover it as well as more and more research comes out showing real, quantifiable benefits.

Trying to conceive and interested in trying acupuncture? Read on ...


The combination of herbs and acupuncture to aid in fertility has been around for centuries, but only in the past few decades has the medical profession really started looking at the real benefits of acupuncture as more than just holistic medicine.

  • For those with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, acupuncture can help restore the balance of the thyroid, something needed when TTC.
  • When receiving IVF, acupuncture can help the lining of your uterus be thick and increase your chances of your egg sticking.
  • It can also help those with inflammatory disease or endometriosis. Though it can't remove tubal adhesions, it can increase blood flow to the endometrium and improve ovarian and follicular health, helping your likelihood of ovulating and the egg sticking.
  • It also can help aid those with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or irregular cycles get on a normal schedule and ovulate regularly as well.
  • For women who are already pregnant, acupuncture can help aid with nausea, heartburn, vomiting, aches and pains, headaches, and even sciatica. If you can't maintain a regular visitation schedule throughout your whole pregnancy, going at least until you hit the "safety" mark of 12 weeks (the point where most people who are going to miscarry already have) can really help up your chances of continuing a viable pregnancy.

The biggest questions often are these two:

1. Does it hurt?

No! Okay, sometimes. Not really. Helpful, aren't I? The fact is the majority of the needles, which are thinner than probably any needle you've ever had put in your arm, don't hurt at all. Often they don't even pinch. Sometimes they will sting a little, and sometimes the area can begin to ache ... however, as is often said, if it hurts, it's because you needed it there. You know how when your leg has been asleep for a bit and it regains blood flow, it can hurt for a few minutes? It's like that -- acupuncture can open up things that can hurt for a few minutes (or at most, a couple days), but that's a good, healing sign, and located solely to the small area that was affected. If a spot with a needle is aching, let the acupuncturist know. They can either adjust it slightly, or sometimes take it out and do acupressure on the spot instead. But as a general rule, no, acupuncture doesn't hurt.

2. Is it safe?

Absolutely. As long as you take the time to find an licensed acupuncturist that has specific training in aiding fertility issues, you've got nothing to fear. All needles are brand new, one use, and sterile, and the facility should be as clean as your doctor's office. The only thing to consider, which your acupuncturist should already know, is that the spots of Gallbladder 21, Stomach 12, Large Intestine 4, Spleen 6, Bladder 60, Bladder 67, and any points on the lower abdomen are contradicted when pregnancy is suspected or confirmed.

I adore acupuncture and it's helped me solve plenty of issues, from sinus pain to even numbness in my fingers that a general practitioner said he "couldn't figure out." At MTFs (military treatment facilities) with acupuncture, active duty members can even get visits covered by TriCare. How cool is that?

Also cool is how Mariah isn't afraid to talk about her TTC journey -- something a lot of people find difficult to talk about.

Have you ever tried acupuncture? Would you try it to help you get pregnant?


Image via NYCTCM/Flickr

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