Celebrate Your Pregnancy Like Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette knows how to celebrate her pregnancy.

The famed singer who is in her seventh month of pregnancy revealed a henna covered baby bump along with the arms of several of her friends (also with henna).

"Some rituals surprise in the heartwarming department," she tweeted.

There are so many ways that women can celebrate and commemorate their pregnancies now that are far beyond the typical baby shower.

You may feel now that your belly is huge and burdensome and you want it gone, but that will change a year from now and you will appreciate the opportunity to remember what you looked like. So celebrate it. It's a temporary state of being.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • A belly cast: This is a great way to remember your pregnant belly. You and others apply plaster to your pregnant belly and breasts. Once it's dry, you can remove it and paint it and even hang it on the wall to always remember. It might seem like your belly will be that big forever, but it won't!
  • Nude professional photos: This can be a beautiful way to remember the whole of your pregnant body. Blow them up in black and white and hang them on the wall.
  • Belly painting: This is a twist on Morissette's henna idea, but can be a nice thing to do with female friends to celebrate the belly. Take photos!
  • Bronze belly: This is a variation on the belly cast, but the cast gets bronzed. It can even be used as a bowl. This is probably the most unique and interesting way to preserve the belly.

Did you do anything special to celebrate your baby belly?


Image via Twitter

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